Unforgettable Goals 2020

3 apr 2020
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👍 Unforgettable Goals 2020

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  • Gignac 😍🔥🔥

    Alessandro BerzosaAlessandro Berzosa14 giorni fa
  • The spectacular red distinctively rob because dictionary importantly tick under a young chicken. periodic, halting pig

    Anneliese GloriaAnneliese Gloria16 giorni fa
  • I love Ignacio Scocco😍

    MateoMateo28 giorni fa
  • AlFa

    Sindou KanatéSindou KanatéMese fa
  • The fat faulty lyric progressively beg because vault actually lock upon a alike crow. moaning, handsome college

    chase evanschase evansMese fa
  • Screw the music

    Fred TajFred Taj2 mesi fa
  • 3:50

    phien vuphien vu2 mesi fa
  • mentiroso no son del 2020

    Eduardo MelendezEduardo Melendez2 mesi fa
  • 0:01 music? plis

    Diegø JMDiegø JM3 mesi fa
  • The miniature kevin typically chew because hydrogen spatially mine excluding a repulsive cemetery. public, deadpan manager

    Simon WangSimon Wang3 mesi fa
  • Cabezas

    Dieencoe Fifa MobileDieencoe Fifa Mobile3 mesi fa
  • Nem todos esse gols são de 2020

    ?Mundo Curioso¿ A.G.A?Mundo Curioso¿ A.G.A3 mesi fa
  • 10:26 that smile XD

    Luke SchobergLuke Schoberg4 mesi fa
  • Mohamed Salah is the king of solo goals: itworlds.info/round/l5avg5yvqq6eenw/video

    Foot Goal فوت جولFoot Goal فوت جول4 mesi fa
  • I hate 2020 but I love these goals

    blaise russoblaise russo4 mesi fa
  • A

    Luis Fernando Colunga MartinezLuis Fernando Colunga Martinez4 mesi fa
  • what? that free kick at 3:25

    Damian BeattieDamian Beattie4 mesi fa
  • itworlds.info/round/YnN7ppiScL5mZGc/video Le slam de la ligue des champions. Le nom de chacune des équipes est là. Vous allez adorer ça. Suivez maintenant !

    Wawenson ParaisonWawenson Paraison4 mesi fa
  • 8:21 Funes dios que crack

    Bruno SurijonBruno Surijon5 mesi fa
  • Ggg

    Νικη ΒαζαιουΝικη Βαζαιου5 mesi fa
  • hhhhhh

    Doper MustafeDoper Mustafe6 mesi fa
  • Wouah unforgettable video wouaou

    Zeldris AlphaZeldris Alpha6 mesi fa
  • [٤/‏١٠ ٠١:١٧] ahmed abd elhakeim: رزقني الله عز وجل وسجلت قراءان فهل من مشجع [٤/‏١٠ ٠١:١٧] ahmed abd elhakeim: itworlds.info/fast/22jmYHjn4_jcZGbK9dxebA

    احمد عبد الحكيماحمد عبد الحكيم6 mesi fa
  • Переводчик в своем репертуаре:)

    Имя ФамилияИмя Фамилия6 mesi fa
  • Song in the begining 00:01 ?

    Noah LarssonNoah Larsson6 mesi fa
  • Name the song 1 ?

    Luis RamirezLuis Ramirez6 mesi fa
  • Suarez's goal is the best 👌

    Shayan Kumar PaulShayan Kumar Paul6 mesi fa
  • sorry but Llorente of ATLETICO DE MADRID

    Try Hard The CrackTry Hard The Crack7 mesi fa
  • Song please

    ApexBeats BackupApexBeats Backup7 mesi fa
  • Woah woah woah.... where’s Rashfords free kick v Chelsea

    Maxwell YatesMaxwell Yates7 mesi fa
  • Name of that song?

    Kepler134Kepler1347 mesi fa
  • 2:06 el mejor gol y del frances

    JosiasJosias7 mesi fa
  • 2020 not ending else

    Борис СугакБорис Сугак7 mesi fa
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    Morris JonesMorris Jones8 mesi fa
  • Bro you missed out to upload Marcel Sabitzer's goal

    Sumeet ChandSumeet Chand8 mesi fa
  • wonderful edit. Great work!!

    L PowellL Powell8 mesi fa
  • Towssendin golu nerde

    Meçhul AdamMeçhul Adam8 mesi fa
  • 6:10 song?

    Bryan BordaBryan Borda9 mesi fa
  • Cómo se llama la segunda canción?

    Bryan BordaBryan Borda9 mesi fa

    Victor MirandaVictor Miranda9 mesi fa
  • Edicion 💯/💯

    Rikinho amoebaRikinho amoeba9 mesi fa
  • Como é o nome da música da segunda do vídeo ?

    Diego AndradeDiego Andrade9 mesi fa
  • Arthur shot so underrated.

    Jignasha ZithaJignasha Zitha9 mesi fa
  • 5:27 caption lol

    Beast ZBeast Z9 mesi fa
  • gut

  • Neymar 🔥❤️

    Dhilu ArifDhilu Arif9 mesi fa
  • Anyone know this last song please? 🙏

    Pavol GerčákPavol Gerčák9 mesi fa
  • Anyone know this last song remix please?

    DODODODO9 mesi fa
  • 9:30 song pls ?

    ShinigamiShinigami10 mesi fa
  • You forgot Harry Kane’s kick against Juventus

    EwGaming4UEwGaming4U10 mesi fa
  • 9:08 who Knows the Name of this Song?

    KevinKevin10 mesi fa
  • Bernardo Silva best player after Messi and Ronaldo

    Elşən MəmmədovElşən Məmmədov10 mesi fa
  • Ziyech VS Valencia away and VS Chelsea away?

    RivaldoRivaldo10 mesi fa
  • Cant belive football was played .. i miss you so much football

    Usman ZulfiqarUsman Zulfiqar10 mesi fa
  • Neymar is a difrent class

    Malvo DjokovicMalvo Djokovic10 mesi fa
  • First song, Taio Cruz and Florida Hangover Instrumental

    TOP 9INERTOP 9INER10 mesi fa
  • Song name?

    Sami LokaleSami Lokale10 mesi fa
  • Song name?

    Sami LokaleSami Lokale10 mesi fa
  • Song name?

    Sami LokaleSami Lokale10 mesi fa
  • 7:20 Aleš Lamka

    Pavel TomanPavel Toman10 mesi fa
  • Quagliarella score beautiful gol only versus his hometown team

    Victor DedoVictor Dedo10 mesi fa
  • 9:08 song?

    Adnan ShAdnan Sh10 mesi fa
  • 0:51 There's anyone that didnt think that internet closed?? I am one of these

    Superleague MixesSuperleague Mixes10 mesi fa
  • cant get over martial's repeat repeat

    Dini MgcinaDini Mgcina10 mesi fa
  • only the goals n the epl and ucl should be in this video, the rest are in joke leagues with joke keepers so don't count, to any one who disagrees with me: fuck you!

    M DM D10 mesi fa
  • 2:30

    holiii holiiiholiii holiii10 mesi fa
  • I miss fb

    Paras PoudelParas Poudel10 mesi fa
  • anybody pls help me. which is the music that playing at 09:09

    Unnikrishnan PJUnnikrishnan PJ10 mesi fa
  • Where is Martial's goal against City?

    Askat IsmailovAskat Ismailov10 mesi fa
  • Watching at 12:12 am. 🥺

    Cayden AlluraCayden Allura10 mesi fa
  • Nice Goals💕💕

    Daniel NyarksDaniel Nyarks10 mesi fa
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  • Magic🔥🔥🔥

    InTube YouTube channelInTube YouTube channel10 mesi fa
  • Супер🔥🔥🔥

    InTube YouTube channelInTube YouTube channel10 mesi fa
  • Watching this video with 1% of battery is the most stressful experience i've ever lived

    GHP2001 GHPGHP2001 GHP10 mesi fa
  • Forgot rashford's free kick

    Jowie IndigoJowie Indigo10 mesi fa

    Pol SerranoPol Serrano10 mesi fa
  • If you add the names of players in video,it will be more better..

    mohamad sadiqmtrmohamad sadiqmtr10 mesi fa
  • Guys, please what’s the first song called that goes ‘woah oh oh oh oh’ thanks in advance

    SuperGlasgowCelticSuperGlasgowCeltic10 mesi fa
    • Taio Cruz ft Florida instrumental

      TOP 9INERTOP 9INER10 mesi fa
  • gol do nene contra o botafogo??

    Guilherme WacheleskiGuilherme Wacheleski10 mesi fa
  • We all agree, Hans Vanaken is magic 🤩💙🖤

    MatthiasGamingMatthiasGaming10 mesi fa
  • Ou est sadio mané de dans

    Omzo Curry JROmzo Curry JR10 mesi fa
  • Why wouldn't you just add the commentary instead of this terrible ass music.

    寂び侘び寂び侘び10 mesi fa
  • On Man good

    Tutorias e Animaçoes com Ninja TopTutorias e Animaçoes com Ninja Top10 mesi fa
  • What song is it

    Kealan SandersKealan Sanders10 mesi fa
  • cr7 bernardo and sons goal

    Niyaz PlasseryNiyaz Plassery10 mesi fa
  • bernardo silva is better than riyad mahrez

    GrizosSYGrizosSY10 mesi fa
  • itworlds.info/round/paOQoMiNb7OPgoA/video. check this out. You'll be impressed!

    Maria PapadopoulouMaria Papadopoulou10 mesi fa
  • The hernandez vs udinese

    CLUMAX MCLUMAX M10 mesi fa
  • Future generation b saying after watching this “Wow ! 2020 seems fun”

    HamzaHamza10 mesi fa

    Bradlee McIntoshBradlee McIntosh10 mesi fa
  • 1:02 So calm

    Whye KWhye K10 mesi fa
  • Not meaning to come across as a dick but half of these were in 2019

    Tom WynneTom Wynne10 mesi fa
  • where did you get the footage mate?

    Info UnikInfo Unik10 mesi fa
  • If you show 0:53 u gotta show shelveys too

    Jordan 10Jordan 1010 mesi fa
  • Which song is the first one?

    Toni SchmittToni Schmitt10 mesi fa
  • Best 7 Goals ever itworlds.info/round/c4p5otGHkLdtiaI/video

    GAREYANGAREYAN10 mesi fa
  • I miss eden hazard😚😚

    Ja yamahaJa yamaha10 mesi fa
  • Which 7 nation army remix is this in the last background song? I wanna know guys. Help me out

    Arman HusainArman Husain11 mesi fa
  • What a video

    ElmerElmer11 mesi fa