Ball Controls that can't be repeated in football

13 mar 2021
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👍 Ball Controls that can't be repeated in football
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  • Mahrez ✌✌💪😍

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  • 3:05 the moment Ibrahimovic shows up music's changed to a war cry.

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  • Amazingskill

  • marcelo control vs bayern is missing man

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  • Ff

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  • Até parece que domínio de bola assim fosse tão difícil (acho fácil)...pena que não fui jogador, pois sempre gostei de futebol, jogava como marcador e, quando o armador não fazia nada, eu subia pra fazer as jogadas de ataque, além de driblar de forma surpresa (eu era péssimo no ataque, em fazer gols)!

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  • Por qué el título del vídeo está en español y los comentarios en inglés la lógica de ITworlds :v

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  • 5:38 bitti sanıp küçük ekrana alanlar

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  • Марадона все лучше зделал👍

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  • 3:09 Zlatan is in every types of football compilation

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  • The title should have been "Ronaldinho's ball control skills that can not be repeated.."

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  • 'i can do this all day' - lingarinho

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  • zidane could have been all this video

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  • Cassano goal to Inter

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  • Commentator called Ronaldinho ronaldo smh

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  • Cassano touch in Bari - Inter!!

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  • I think Ronaldinho can control ball easy

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  • Maradona 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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  • The loutish alley superiorly match because lead hypothetically rock amidst a well-groomed bolt. whispering, befitting firewall

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  • where is mahez ?

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  • Мoжет у вaс есть опыт пр0движения с ЕnotGlobal ?

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  • 3:05 bro Ik it’s amazing but I can’t get over his face

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  • I like the music

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  • You have some controls that have no follow up in the video. Such controls are bad. A good control is what the word says, you control the ball. Also the video is named wrong. Most of them CAN be repeated.

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  • футбол это танец с мячом

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  • Ребята, а чем м0жно накрутить лaйки в youtube?

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  • Ребята Ентоглoбал рaбoтает в ютьюб или нет?

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  • متخلف ولا لقطة للدون هراء

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  • Je vois pas ce qui peut pas etre repeté

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  • 2:11 Rocket in Galactik Football

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  • 1:39 Ma guy just gave up after seeing who he was up against 😂😂😂😂

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  • Falto el de James en el Mundial en Brasil..gol a Uruguay

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  • Falta el taco de Riquelme contra Brasil

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  • Amazing what humans can achieve if through capitalism more people are lifted out of-tyrannical poverty.

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  • showww

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  • legal

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  • No Matthew Le Tissier here!!! His wonder goals in the 1990s were often the result of amazing ball control. If you've never heard of Matthew Le Tissier (Southampton) then it might interest you to know that in 2020 he was voted the Eurosport Best Premier League Player of All Time. Check out his goals on You Tube.

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  • Faltó la cuauhteminha!!!

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  • The game over who else I'm suppose to be this is not fantasy this is real life stupid think stupid think

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  • man i wish balotelli took his career seriously. guy was effortless.

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  • first song name ?

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  • I'm sorry, but you forgot the amazing score performed by Roberto Baggio in Juventus vs Brescia 1-1 2001 year

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    • Aqui es brasilian pelé melhor do mundo

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  • joga bonitoooo

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  • You have a misleading ass title because your literally showing the same ball control skill over and over again, but with different players.

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  • Musik?

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  • Gnarby vs. Tottenham

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  • Imma need tha song

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  • *FIND A GIRL ❤️* DATME.BABY ITworlds: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" ITworlds: BE GONE

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    • English

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    • @smas20 يا راجل صلي ع النبي انت بتقول كده لمين😂😂😂💔

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    • Haram

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  • Zidane can repeat it.

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  • :D

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  • Bravo

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  • Control counts as half goal

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  • Cool

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  • "if it can be done once, it can be done again" -somebody

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  • The way this was edited is super obnoxious

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  • 4:27 Ronaldo bruh

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  • 2:04 yeah very impressive Ball Lose haha

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  • What about one touch/ prolific goals too eg Mark Hughes etc

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  • 3:06 Man's an absolute unit

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  • Faltó la recepción q hizo José Saturnino Cardozo en la final contra Atlas ..... la baja muy bien de un pase largo y fue gol

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  • Ne topçular varmış be

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  • Jaque ben bilombe

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  • Среди этих мастеров ни одного нет из сборной России

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  • Un poco exagerado el título...

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  • Essas jogadas são golpes de sorte... A bola é indomável.

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  • Na Hana no Ronaldo..

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  • Falto el golazo de Marcelo salas contra Inglaterra

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  • Maradona !!!

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  • Well Bergkamp repeated that move several times in his career.

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  • Ou Cristiano Ronaldo ??!!!!!!!

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  • dennis bergkamp is the king of controls ball - i think :D

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  • music

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  • I miss Götze's Goal in the game 2014 WORLD CUP FINAL: Germany 1-0 Argentina. Under such pressure, accepted with the chest and transformed volley.

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    • And the match ended, I just started crying🇩🇪💋

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    • And the match ended, I just started crying🇩🇪💋

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    • Watched in disbelief 🤫from Kenya 👍🇰🇪

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  • i miss looking at a long ball from your midfield or defender and thinking about how to trap it

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  • A parte ruim desse vídeo é que ele acaba.

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  • Mahrez .

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