Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Best Goals Ever

3 mag 2020
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👍 Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Best Goals Ever

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    • @Omar Amer very good messi

      Ayush PoudelAyush Poudel2 mesi fa
    • For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

      Kedves BoldogKedves Boldog2 mesi fa
    • @痛Luwe212痛 ddr

      Jhing AbiadaJhing Abiada2 mesi fa
    • Messi is the best

      Sarbajit ChatterjeeSarbajit Chatterjee2 mesi fa
    • Messi is Best

      Prakash KcPrakash Kc3 mesi fa

  • Cristiano forewer

    Sabrina GiannoccaroSabrina GiannoccaroGiorno fa
  • "Ronaldo and messi " would be better than "Ronaldo vs messi". We are the people who create the difference between them even they both love each other. Stop making difference

    ATHARVA kuradeATHARVA kuradeGiorno fa
  • Ronaldo best

    Mitr0 SizerMitr0 Sizer2 giorni fa
  • 10:50 Name of song please :(

    Mostafa MohamedMostafa Mohamed2 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo ever

    CAGAN YalcinkayaCAGAN Yalcinkaya3 giorni fa
  • Para mi el mejor es Ronaldinho the best

    Jorge ReyesJorge Reyes3 giorni fa
  • 2 . 50 music

    Semih KarabulutSemih Karabulut3 giorni fa
  • Neither of them won a world cup.

    Marc FischerMarc Fischer3 giorni fa
  • Maradona was better than Messi and Ronaldo combined.

    Marc FischerMarc Fischer3 giorni fa
  • Meesi

    ff erisonff erison3 giorni fa
  • 2 totally different types of player. Myself couldn't and wouldn't choose who is better im just so happy I've had the pleasure growing up watching their whole career and will be very sad when they retire. Both GOATS in their own right amazing fathers and huge role models to young kids.

    MACOOZAMACOOZA4 giorni fa
  • Kapak fotoğrafı?

    Sessiz AdamSessiz Adam4 giorni fa
  • Obviamente es mejor LIONEL MESSI

    Brisa LudmilaBrisa Ludmila4 giorni fa
  • 2 greatest legends born on the planet

    Hadi HumayunHadi Humayun4 giorni fa
  • Rolando isthebest

    Priti GhoshPriti Ghosh4 giorni fa
  • Rolando is thebest

    Priti GhoshPriti Ghosh4 giorni fa
  • Leo messi

    Bassma EttouilBassma Ettouil5 giorni fa
  • Iam coming

    Hareem KhanHareem Khan5 giorni fa
  • Genius magician vs superhuman athlete

    JebJeb5 giorni fa
  • I think the boss and the king is Ronaldo

    Art SpahijaArt Spahija6 giorni fa
  • 4:55 name of song?

    Arielo 7Arielo 76 giorni fa
  • Jauhlah messi

    Aisyah Al azkaAisyah Al azka7 giorni fa
  • if you think ronaldos better than messi watch this

    tupac shakurtupac shakur8 giorni fa
  • if you think ronaldos better than messi watch this

    tupac shakurtupac shakur8 giorni fa
  • if you think ronaldos better than messi then watch this

    tupac shakurtupac shakur8 giorni fa
  • soy team messsi

    Lely Johana Carabali MontañoLely Johana Carabali Montaño8 giorni fa
  • team ronaldo

    Kagira BlackKagira Black8 giorni fa
  • 7:54 asta ahirs la única jugada que implica quitarse varios jugadores. De CR7 mientras que el gran messi lleva mil así jejejeje sin duda messi es el mejor del mundo

    bladimir antonio rinconesbladimir antonio rincones9 giorni fa
  • Quick

    Rikapurwanti RikaRikapurwanti Rika10 giorni fa
  • gp h

    Muhammad FaridMuhammad Farid10 giorni fa
  • Hola

    Xavier PaniaguaXavier Paniagua10 giorni fa
  • & we compare todays kid like mbappe & halland to these legends

    Mohammad HussainMohammad Hussain11 giorni fa
  • There are 2 kind of people: 1. People who a fan of one of these 2 player and hate the other one 2. People who a fan of one of these 2 player but respect the other one

    Black ZeroBlack Zero11 giorni fa
  • Cr7

    Jadwiga DydakJadwiga Dydak11 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo🐐🐐

    Ciano OumazaCiano Oumaza11 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo is bestttt😊😊😊😍😍😍

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  • Ronaldo

    нозима мухиддинованозима мухиддинова11 giorni fa
  • Ball: **simply exist** Messi and Ronaldo: "Im gonna end this mans whole career"

    Crisp O FilmsCrisp O Films11 giorni fa
    • if you think ronaldos better than messi watch this

      tupac shakurtupac shakur8 giorni fa
  • Messi The best

    Ider YidirIder Yidir11 giorni fa
  • 7:18

    Ramadan IlhamRamadan Ilham12 giorni fa
  • They are both good oky stop comparing them

    Rajender KaurRajender Kaur12 giorni fa
  • 1:10 the goal was so impressive he had to repeat himself 10 times

    PhantomPhantom12 giorni fa
    • 9:23, only the best 👍

      Vinod KumarVinod Kumar9 giorni fa
  • 1:10 are we not gonna talk about this

    PhantomPhantom12 giorni fa
  • Ué mais cadê a unboxing do maior gol do mundo?

    Biel CoelhoBiel Coelho12 giorni fa
  • cr7 GOAT👑💪

    memet emrememet emre13 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo is what you get when you order messi from wish

    Sox NewsSox News13 giorni fa

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  • Messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi messi mum of

    Sulav RegmiSulav Regmi14 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo uses hard work while messi uses talent

    Teekay MikayTeekay Mikay14 giorni fa

    Muhammad KisanMuhammad Kisan14 giorni fa
  • Adios Cristiano Ronaldo del Real Madrid.

    Itzel CeItzel Ce14 giorni fa
  • Cristiano Ronaldo e foda isso é incontestável mas pra mim o Messi Sempre Será o melhor não só em campo mas fora

    Zero meia dois RapZero meia dois Rap14 giorni fa
  • Why can’t everyone understand that more managers support Messi than Ronaldo? Whatever points Ronaldo fans make about Ronaldo are pretty obvious to every manger (coz they’re not dumb).

    Sushanth ReddySushanth Reddy15 giorni fa
  • Ami. Me. Gusta, Ronaldo. Miros. Sus. Video. Messi. Basura. Ten go 10.

    Elena AlvarezElena Alvarez15 giorni fa
  • Nobody will never forget Lionel Messi....when he retire football episode would be end🤧

    Smile gamingSmile gaming16 giorni fa
    • ever ***

      SamirSamir13 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo es mejor q mesi

    mari carbajalmari carbajal16 giorni fa
  • The best in the world. When I compare I see what Ronaldo did Messi could not do that is.... Ronaldo achieved his success playing with different clubs but Messi could do only with Bercelona. So Messi must try with smaller clubs too.

    Philip BasumataryPhilip Basumatary17 giorni fa
  • Ronaldo is amazing yes, but never compare him to Messi. No one can compare with him, he is the best and it is not even close.

    Alexander Kazarin HelboeAlexander Kazarin Helboe17 giorni fa

    AB CDAB CD17 giorni fa
  • Cr7 é melhor! Sem comparaçao!

    Filipe GustavoFilipe Gustavo18 giorni fa
    • na sua opinião sim..

      Gabriel CGabriel C13 giorni fa
  • Shit video your a messi lover admit it

    Mano Z SlbMano Z Slb18 giorni fa
  • Broski moin

    Kekinho FifaKekinho Fifa19 giorni fa
  • This video is made by penaldo fan....just enjoy penaldo fan....

    suman thapaliyasuman thapaliya19 giorni fa

    abdullah tech 346abdullah tech 34619 giorni fa
  • 45 messmi lan o

    Demir ÖzkayaDemir Özkaya20 giorni fa
  • Messi❤️❤️❤️

    Koman KomanKoman Koman20 giorni fa
  • Messi the best

    Nafsia hbd SamadNafsia hbd Samad20 giorni fa
  • lio messi

    dota evolvedota evolve20 giorni fa
  • both are amazing at soccer but some fans who compare messi and ronaldo say that messi is an old fart and ronaldo is way better. thats just a stupid opinion. dont compare them in general and their ages cause honey they still are better than you ✌🏼

    rain leerain lee21 giorno fa
  • Leo Messi -: The GOOOOOOOAAAAAT... 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    Vikash KumarVikash Kumar21 giorno fa
  • Ronaldo is the best

    • Football player and coach🗣: messi is better than ronaldo

      AB CDAB CD20 giorni fa

    AB CDAB CD21 giorno fa
  • MOST GOALS MOST ASSISTS EACH SEASON 0809 0910 1011 1112 1213 1415 1617 1718 1819 messi . 0708 1314 ronaldo Football player and coach: messi is better than ronaldo🥰

    AB CDAB CD21 giorno fa
  • Biggest ronaldo fanboy ive ever seen, ur showing his best goals over and over against Messis average goals. Why couldnt u start off with his goals vs Getafe, Liverpool, Bilbao and Real Madrid

    HSAHSA21 giorno fa
  • Team Messi💙💙💙🤍🤍🤍

    benno 3000pbenno 3000p21 giorno fa
  • Điều gì sẽ sảy ra nếu Messi và Ronaldo cùng một đội bóng

    Vanthi LuongVanthi Luong23 giorni fa
  • IT'S NOT FAIR!!! Why leave these two dudes with humans who are not allowed to dope? justice for other players

    bouba Karybouba Kary23 giorni fa
  • messi is better by far

    Narciso ToscanoNarciso Toscano23 giorni fa
  • Why did you added sound to the first part it was so much better when u can hear the commentators scream a d talk about the goals

    XChuy The BossXXChuy The BossX23 giorni fa
  • CR7 from ARGENTINA

    ivan Figueroaivan Figueroa24 giorni fa
  • Music could have been so much better. Ruined the video

    AZAZ24 giorni fa
  • I have watched videos from this channel and it's clear that the admin is a Ronaldo fan.

    Dario MunyaDario Munya24 giorni fa
  • Messi

    Michael AdamsMichael Adams24 giorni fa
  • Мессі луче рона лучей

    Коля ЧерпакКоля Черпак24 giorni fa
  • Messi is better

    Damir MuratovićDamir Muratović24 giorni fa
  • No disrespect to Ronaldo but Messi at his best has no competition.

    Reivax D. XavierReivax D. Xavier25 giorni fa
  • E meus amigos Ta chegando um fim de uma era

    Uelitom Vinicios OliveiraUelitom Vinicios Oliveira25 giorni fa
  • Cr7

    Mr.PedrinhoMr.Pedrinho26 giorni fa
  • ronaldo idola

    LAE JOELAE JOE26 giorni fa
  • lionel Messi Shots are 30% better than cristiono ronaldo if iam wrong so dislike my comment

    kashif iqbalkashif iqbal26 giorni fa
  • Messi is god nd ronaldo is a legend

    Manan GuptaManan Gupta27 giorni fa
  • Best Rivality Ever. L. Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo.

    • Fabrox Marianix ® •• Fabrox Marianix ® •28 giorni fa
  • cr7 its the best

    Michelle BorthelleMichelle Borthelle28 giorni fa
    • Football player and coach🗣: messi is better than ronaldo

      AB CDAB CD13 giorni fa
    • @harrison bravo 10-3 si AJAAJAAJAJAAJAJAAJ pero tambien hablo bastante ingles

      Michelle BorthelleMichelle Borthelle26 giorni fa
    • Messi better than CR7 y tenés una foto de auronplay hablas español

      harrison bravo 10-3harrison bravo 10-326 giorni fa
  • CR7

    Renan SilvaRenan Silva28 giorni fa
  • I don't know why people call Messi a goat. He just plays like a normal football player.

    Aji KurniaAji Kurnia28 giorni fa
  • Messi is the God of football And Ronaldo is king of football

    Malak Saad KhanMalak Saad Khan28 giorni fa
  • No more talks CR7 is the best player for ever

    mohamed shakirmohamed shakir28 giorni fa
    • Messi IS the BEST

      harrison bravo 10-3harrison bravo 10-326 giorni fa
  • MESSI 🤙🤙

    AB CDAB CD29 giorni fa