Super Skills In Football

23 nov 2020
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👍 Super Skills In Football

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  • Which skill is your favorite? Let me know! 💎

    SportsHDSportsHD4 mesi fa
    • Elastico ,rainbow flick, ball rally choop, hocus focus, ronaldhino combo

      Ikrumon IkruIkrumon Ikru14 giorni fa
    • SportsHD..........please tell me the music name

      Ranit BiswasRanit Biswas18 giorni fa
    • The legendary dribbles of Argentine Ricardo centurión are missing

      castillocastilloMese fa
    • @Alonso Kalel Wow! Took roughly 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

      Leonidas ZechariahLeonidas ZechariahMese fa
    • Dunno if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instaportal. Find it on google if you care

      Alonso KalelAlonso KalelMese fa
  • Song beat?

    HYS FootballHYS Football2 giorni fa
  • Omg skills are perfect

    Διονύσης ΚατσιγιάννηςΔιονύσης Κατσιγιάννης3 giorni fa
  • Messi's one against Bayern itself deserves a separate video

    Shuaib Al RashidShuaib Al Rashid4 giorni fa
  • Love this Channel❤️

    August TherkildsenAugust Therkildsen5 giorni fa
  • 3:28 Fenômeno 🤩

    ياسر الشمريياسر الشمري5 giorni fa
  • 0:01 arrêt droit, gauche puis droit 1:03 5:18 MESSI feinte MÊME PIED (5:34)

    Paul BismuthPaul Bismuth7 giorni fa
  • What's with a music?

    Alex DemAlex Dem8 giorni fa
  • Şu adamı fenere getirdiniz ama çok güçiü bir taraftar sonuçta ile yarar

    Budak ŞimsekBudak Şimsek11 giorni fa
  • Bzsjs

    Yağız uğurYağız uğur12 giorni fa
  • Where is Bergkamp ? Please answer

    Richyster0Richyster012 giorni fa

    Gunay MirzəyevaGunay Mirzəyeva13 giorni fa
  • Mental editing, amazing work

    ilPaghyNonPagailPaghyNonPaga13 giorni fa
  • background music : BYRD check it out it is perfect :)))) believe me.

    FeFe TrueSkateFeFe TrueSkate13 giorni fa
  • 1:00 mesut özil

    emGanX :demGanX :d14 giorni fa
  • K리그 너무 반갑고..

    수상록수상록14 giorni fa
  • You're missing Benzema's corner post tackle of 3 players by going out of the field of play,probably one of the greatest plays ever! And yes not against weak defenders,3 of athletico's including godin in the champions league!

    ff14 giorni fa
  • cafu vs pavel nedved haahahaha

    Alessandro MaurizioAlessandro Maurizio15 giorni fa
  • 1:35 absolutely ‘desgustang’

    TruffleKingThe1TruffleKingThe115 giorni fa
  • 3:53

    Rahul BarmanRahul Barman16 giorni fa
  • The acid sink oceanographically beg because product osmotically analyse off a magnificent record. scarce, loving dimple

    sumoti345banu ksob345khansumoti345banu ksob345khan17 giorni fa
  • 7:34 the most technical elegant and the best touch

    BE AKBE AK20 giorni fa
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    Bean-Berry HodzenBean-Berry Hodzen22 giorni fa
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    Roger ScheerenRoger Scheeren23 giorni fa
  • Españoles?

    titi la Torre brognatiti la Torre brogna23 giorni fa
  • Ya shoulda added bergkamp's unique skill

    AnandhuAnandhu24 giorni fa
  • Why's nobody talkin about 4:13 ?

    Anuj ShettyAnuj Shetty26 giorni fa
  • awsome football, yet again shit music...

    ZuuZuu26 giorni fa
  • The video is great but these bullshit commercials are making it difficult to focus. DTP

    untitleduntitled27 giorni fa
  • اذكروا الله وصلو على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم

    Sajad SaadSajad Saad28 giorni fa
  • Messi has at least 10 plays that are more impressive than most in this video, and he barely has one highlight here...

    Michael FMichael F28 giorni fa
  • Vision of ozil is unmatchable.

    hitkaji gurunghitkaji gurung28 giorni fa
    • Özil fenerbahçeeeeee

      Şampiyonluk gitmemiş olabilirŞampiyonluk gitmemiş olabilir16 giorni fa
  • يا اخوان بالله عليكم اشتركوا بقناتي جديد بدي دعم

    خرابيشخرابيش28 giorni fa
  • 4:30 Dembélé 😭😭

    ToocardinhoToocardinho29 giorni fa
  • Nice football

    Kartar SinghKartar Singh29 giorni fa
  • Ziyech Skill is wow

    Yassir YassirYassir YassirMese fa
  • Se puede hacer un video de éstos con jugadas de soteldo

    Rafael GuillenRafael GuillenMese fa
  • Wow :)

    Deezee SaivateDeezee SaivateMese fa
  • Como que no es muy fan de Leo Messi el que hizo este vídeo.

    Giordano JaramilloGiordano JaramilloMese fa
  • 4.38😅

    frat temelerfrat temelerMese fa
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    Ben LastlyBen LastlyMese fa
  • Ok

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho SósiaRonaldinho Gaúcho SósiaMese fa

    Rosslyn kateRosslyn kateMese fa
  • The music was so cringy

    Kostas GeorgiouKostas GeorgiouMese fa
    • What u wanna listen to AND THERES SOMETHING THAT I CANT EXPLAIN type shit

      a happy Barca fana happy Barca fan29 giorni fa
  • Nice video

    seck boss tvseck boss tvMese fa
  • Brasileiros The best

    Guilherme Goncalves de oliveiraGuilherme Goncalves de oliveiraMese fa
  • Music

    ShkalimShkalimMese fa
  • Neymar is legend

    Mahlon kiprutoMahlon kiprutoMese fa
  • Sauce for beatt

    ko knockoutko knockoutMese fa
  • Só golaços.

    Daniel Pereira dos santosDaniel Pereira dos santosMese fa
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    Fred CaswellFred CaswellMese fa
  • Ronaldinho doing his things

    iBahromiBahromMese fa
  • Great video but ... I thought more about Messi and Neymar

    Matteo OddoMatteo OddoMese fa
  • Football is a Chinese culture derived from the traditional Chinese movement. Westerners should be grateful for Chinese culture. China is a leader in Asia and the world.

    王張偉王張偉Mese fa
  • Ozil really had some unique skills, it's sad that he couldn't use that into his full potential.

    Mohammed SahilMohammed SahilMese fa
  • マルセロのやつってダブルタッチなんだ

    ぽーぽーMese fa
  • Özil make simple things, but elegant

    WrathWrathMese fa
  • R10??? 😮😴

    Mano TimãoMano TimãoMese fa
  • ronaldinhooo

    Sina HürkalSina HürkalMese fa
  • 😘😘

    Мехринигор ДодхудоеваМехринигор ДодхудоеваMese fa
  • Song?

    Sandeep KumarSandeep Kumar2 mesi fa
  • 6:30 music starts boring

    Super DyuberSuper Dyuber2 mesi fa
  • как называется трек?

    Кудайбергенов РамазанКудайбергенов Рамазан2 mesi fa
  • Zidane zidan perfect

    İbrahim Zenginİbrahim Zengin2 mesi fa
  • 1:50 - 2:02 sound commentator like rap song

    Elisabeth LionesElisabeth Liones2 mesi fa
  • I expected to find at least one of Juan Román Riquelme's

    Leandro LambardiLeandro Lambardi2 mesi fa
  • super skills Ronaldinho : Normal play

    Dani mdplDani mdpl2 mesi fa
  • Ronaldo Nazario’s move at 3:27 is a legendary move

    Luis ManesLuis Manes2 mesi fa
    • Elastico

      MiCHUINHOMiCHUINHO23 giorni fa
  • 4.25 en iyi hareket dfpodfgjıfogjfpogfg 🤣

    DG H4vSDG H4vS2 mesi fa
  • that ozil move is my fav

    Arie Eka PutraArie Eka Putra2 mesi fa
  • Nice

    AMITHAMITH2 mesi fa
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  • 00:10 Quien es ? Who is he ?

    AleToaSTyAleToaSTy2 mesi fa
    • Boufal

      a happy Barca fana happy Barca fan29 giorni fa
  • 우리나라 축구짤도나오네 ㄷㄷ 2번째꺼

    0720722 mesi fa
  • 1:18 i still wonder if Henry wanted it like that, what do you mean?

    Greak FreakGreak Freak2 mesi fa
  • Una jugada de Messi????? Just one?

    Casa Perico Restaurante de Cocina EspañolaCasa Perico Restaurante de Cocina Española2 mesi fa
  • Being a center forward, i think sombrero ones and the one that Kevin de performed are toughest to execute.

    EveryoneEveryone2 mesi fa
  • No Modric?

    Chopin's EtudesChopin's Etudes2 mesi fa
  • Karim Benzema vs ATM 2017 and Suarez vs Paris SG season 14/15. As well good moments.

    Ibragim ImronshoevIbragim Imronshoev2 mesi fa

    ChaCha TarajiChaCha Taraji2 mesi fa
  • 3:15 xavi

    안지환안지환2 mesi fa
  • 03:44 anyone plese tell me what the name of the sound

    Mchfiic OfficialMchfiic Official2 mesi fa
  • Second best skill compilation after a skill so pilot ion of just dinho

    Matteo MatteoMatteo Matteo2 mesi fa
  • Some one made a beat with revs, okay then 😂

    Matteo MatteoMatteo Matteo2 mesi fa
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    P AlagaoP Alagao2 mesi fa
  • Перевод что делал Гугл

    denis skabdenis skab2 mesi fa

    soy LUIS FFsoy LUIS FF2 mesi fa
  • RRRRR 😄

    المجهول 070المجهول 0702 mesi fa
  • 5:41

    Hak uHak u2 mesi fa
  • Rodrigo Taddei is the best super skill

  • Bocaaaaaaaaaaa

    Fernando SosaFernando Sosa2 mesi fa
  • Isco humillates then Isco is humillated by Busquets

    Thamar MiguelThamar Miguel2 mesi fa
  • Indeed these skills are superb 👍 The song can make u deaf it's that bad

    Thunder Of ThorThunder Of Thor2 mesi fa
  • Ozil Monstro 🔥

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    Hay mentiras en la biblia.Hay mentiras en la biblia.2 mesi fa
  • Ozil

    Camara MoussaCamara Moussa2 mesi fa
  • Shomurodovga gap yoq

    Eldor MarshalEldor Marshal2 mesi fa
  • Telegram : @GoalPlaytv

    Jonatan CastilloJonatan Castillo2 mesi fa

    Dayimin OgluDayimin Oglu2 mesi fa
  • 5:35 DYBALA ❤❤😍

    Amsa IAmsa I2 mesi fa